Mauro Icardi, Inter will accept the offer of Napoli? Latest news

Mauro Icardi, Ansa

Mauro Icardi (photo Ansa)

ROME – Mauro Icardi, where are we? Hard to say after the renewal of Edin Dzeko with Roma. Hard to say after Paulo Dybala's beautiful goal in a friendly. The chronicles of the last hours speak of a possible offer to the Argentine by Naples. What offer? The Corriere dello Sport summarizes it as follows: "Offered to Wanda Nara 6.5 million plus bonus, for Inter ready a check for 50 million. In the affair also Milik ". Will Naples be able to convince Inter? Who knows.

Does Naples really deprive itself of Milik? Who knows. All that remains is to wait for the next few hours. Maybe the next few days. Maybe September 2nd.

Meanwhile, Ivan Zazzaroni in the Corriere dello Sport has written a long letter addressed to Wanda Nara.

Here is an excerpt:

"(…) In this long and tormented summer – writes Ivan Zazzaroni – you have received three serious proposals plus one. From Rome, Naples, Monaco and more or less veiled by Juve, the "plus one", always your favorite destination. At the beginning of August you had also decided to accept that of Rome, then suddenly you came back: when Inter took Lukaku and Juve lost it. At that moment the circuit of the Huguenot suggestions was reactivated, and farewell to Capital (…).
The ideal, they delude themselves at Naples, it would be that Juve would parade once and for all leaving only one road open: but I doubt that Paratici intends to favor the negotiation that would deliver Maurito to the direct competitor. That "for now" after "Icardi doesn't interest us" sounds like a court sentence.
And then it's up to you, to you. You have a great chance, Wanda: as an agent, you can return a great striker to the field; as a consort, to relaunch the career of your husband who has always listened to you ”.

Source: Il Corriere dello Sport.

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