Mattia Almaviva chooses Totti as his agent, the former number 10 handed him his last captain’s armband

Francesco Totti handed his last captain's armband to little Mattia Almaviva , now that he is a prosecutor he has welcomed him into his agency.

Mattia Almaviva has Francesco Totti in his destiny. On the afternoon of 28 May 2017 Francesco Totti retired from football.

Shortly before his now famous speech, the former Roma number ten handed his last captain's armband to a ball boy.

The lucky one is called Mattia Almaviva.

On that day, all the captains of the various Roma youth teams were summoned to the Olympic Stadium .

Almaviva was at the stadium representing the Giallorossi chicks he was captain of.

Today, three years later, the little Mattia still plays for Roma but has risen in the category up to under 15.

Also in this new category, it is highlighting with level performance.

Evidently Totti had seen it right in giving him such a historic and important captain's armband .

Behind that gesture, there were already clues about the future will of the former Roma number ten.

In fact, Totti has opened an agency of prosecutors with the dream of finding new talents in the world of football. And among these could not miss Mattia Almaviva.

The former Roma captain explained his will to Dazn's microphones during an interview with Diletta Leotta.

"I don't want to be a prosecutor, that doesn't interest me …

I want to take care of scouting: I intend to travel the world to find some promising young people ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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