Matri returns to Lazio, he will be one of Tare’s observers

Matri returns to Lazio, he will be one of the observers of Igli Tare.

Alessandro Matri returns to Lazio. As La Gazzetta dello Sport reveals in an article by Elmar Bergonzini, the former striker will be one of Tare's observers.

In fact, the Biancoceleste ds usually use the help of his trusted men to find talents in every part of the world. One of them will be Matri.

His farewell to football.

A few days ago, Matri made official his farewell to football to the microphones of Sky Sport.

"I can say that I have made my dreams come true – explained the former striker among others from Milan, Cagliari, Fiorentina and Lazio – When I approached this sport, I did not think I would have a career like this and that I would win three badges. Can't complain about how it went.

But now I stop. I came to make this decision given how the first six months with Brescia went.
Subsequently, some stimuli were lacking and I received non-positive responses from the field.

I no longer wanted to be tolerated and it is not part of my character to stay in a square where I cannot give what I need.

After I was free of requests, few of them arrived and I was not convinced of any of them. I preferred to avoid making a fool of myself.
I will miss my life as a footballer, but only an important opportunity could get me started again.

I trained with Monza, but they have six top-level strikers and have a very clear plan. It must continue to focus on young people ”(sources ANSA, La Gazzetta dello Sport and Sky Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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