Massimo Moratti: “Put on Inter, now you can: the coronavirus has cleared the cards”

ROME – "Messi at Inter is not a forbidden dream, the current situation has cleared all the cards". In times of coronavirus dreams about the future of those confined to the home are filled with suggestions. For Sport Mediaset, that of Massimo Moratti, the former Nerazzurri patron, is a suggestion supported by logic.

“I don't think it's forbidden at all, it wasn't before this misfortune. Now then … Messi is at the end of the contract and it would certainly be an effort by the company to bring him home. I don't know if the current situation changes this goal for the better or for the worse, but now the cards have been cleared. We must also not be overly opportunistic and take advantage of the situation, but I believe that at this level there is the possibility of seeing strange things at the end of the year. In short, I think there is certainly an effort by the company to bring it to Milan ".

Before the coronavirus we had remained in Barcelona's more than remarkable interest in Lautaro Martinez, Messi's favorite to be his squire in attack. Interlacing your fingers on the end of the infection, what will pass through the mind of the strongest of all, only the person concerned knows. And the last Messi is a sphinx. (source Sport Mediaset)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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