Marotta: “Voices on Antonio Conte at Inter? Spalletti has broad shoulders … “

Marotta: "Voci di Antonio Conte all'Inter? Spalletti ha le spalle larghe..."

Marotta: “Voices of Antonio Conte at Inter? Spalletti has broad shoulders … ". Photo ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

MILAN – On Sky Sport's microphones, before the San Siro match between Inter and Chievo Verona, Inter Area CEO Giuseppe Marotta commented on the rumors of the possible arrival of Antonio Conte on the Nerazzurri bench . Marotta has neither confirmed nor denied. The former Juventus executive said only that Spalletti has broad shoulders to handle these pressures.

Antonio Conte at Inter? Marotta: "Spalletti has broad shoulders …".

Below is a Sky Sport interview with Beppe Marotta before the league match between Inter and Chievo Verona at San Siro.

Wide shoulders for Spalletti, given all that is felt these days (Antonio Conte at Inter).

"I think it's just the new generation of communication and, therefore, we must also be able to support this dialectical comparison. Which is not easy, because it definitely annoys. However, Spalletti's work must be recognized, in a very explicit and clear way. The goal that the company has asked of him is just to get into a Champions League position and, therefore, it is doing it in the best way. I cannot, then, eventually understand these criticisms that have been addressed to him in the last period ”.

His role is also a bit like a lightning rod, as the goal is still to be achieved.

"The goal is to be achieved, we know this, I would say the coach in the first place and the team. We are and are, all aware of this. The rest, even if the shoulders are great for everyone, however, certainly annoys, at least, I do not say that destabilize, but creates a disturbance that you have to manage in the best way "(source Sky Sports).

The Marotta article : “Voices on Antonio Conte at Inter? Spalletti has broad shoulders … " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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