Marotta: “Am I going back to Juventus? A fake news. Kumbulla in the sights of Inter’s transfer market “

Is Marotta returning to Juventus? It's a fake news. To respond in this way, is the same manager of Inter during an interview with Sky Sport before Verona-Inter .

Below are the statements made by Marotta to Sky Sport.

“There was talk of my return to Juventus at the end of the season. I think it's absolutely fake news. I'm related to Inter, I'm fine in Milan, I'm fine to work in this club, which has goals.

I would say that I am stimulated a lot to grow and achieve satisfaction goals with this company, which is a company that has history since its own. So, the effort I want to make, giving my collaboration to everyone, is to really get good results.

It takes patience, it takes calm, This is, perhaps, the thing that is missing most of all. You need to have peace of mind in achieving important goals.

We are growing month by month, beyond what are the statistics, what are the rankings, because it is a difficult and long job and there have been many changes and today society needs stability and continuity.

Kumbulla at Inter? I must say that he is a player with many clubs, he is young and it is a pity he chose to play in a national team other than Italy, from the point of view of the football value, he is part of those extremely interesting young people, that Italian football still manages to count. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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