Marione wishes Immobile the fracture of the fibula. And Diawara is injured …

Marione Immobile: dall'augurio di frattura del perone all'infortunio di Diawara

Marione Immobile: from the wish of fracture to Diawara's injury (in the photo Ansa, the Romanist Diawara before getting hurt)

ROME – Mario Corsi , whom everyone knows as Marione in Rome, wished the fracture of the fibula to Ciro Immobile . The hope was that the Lazio center forward would miss the derby. Instead, Diawara from Roma was injured the next day. And he will skip the game on Sunday 26 January.

Marione is a well-known Roman radio speaker. Known especially among the Giallorossi fans (and in return also among Lazio). Known especially for its positions often over the top. This time, in an attempt to fuel the usual pre derby teasing atmosphere, perhaps it went a little further. But fate has behaved differently than he hoped.

Marione wishes Immobile a fractured tibia.

We are on the eve of Napoli-Lazio of the Italian Cup and Marione makes an invoice to Immobile: “I'm sorry, I have to say something important. Tonight Gino Immobile… Ciro? What's its name come on. Anyway I'm sorry but something will happen to him tonight. Tonight Immobile will get a mini-fracture of the fibula. Small though, eh, not serious. How long can he stay out? Six months? Eh, then. You don't play your career. Then something else will fracture, he can't just get intestinal flu. "

Immobile replies via Instagram.

The next day Immobile (who was not injured even if he missed a penalty badly) replied on Instagram : “On the corpses of lions, dogs celebrate believing they have won. But lions remain lions and dogs remain dogs ”.

Diawara gets injured and misses the derby.

And instead for Rome comes a further hoax: the injury (with the risk of a long stop) for Amadou Diawara, who left the field in the Italian Cup match with Juventus due to a problem in his left knee, the same already injured him last October when he underwent surgery (meniscectomy). This time the checks at Villa Stuart would have highlighted the rupture of the external meniscus. If the medical bulletin of Trigoria confirms the diagnosis, Diawara will stay still for about three months. And therefore not only the derby will miss. (Sources: Fanpage, Instagram, Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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