Mario Balotelli: “National? Out not just because of me … “

Mario Balotelli: "Nazionale? Fuori non solo per colpa mia..."

Mario Balotelli: "National? Out not just because of me … ". Photo ANSA / CLAUDIO GIOVANNINI

MARSEILLES – Despite the excellent runway record with the Marseille jersey, with 8 goals in 13 games, and the irreproachable behavior on and off the field, Mario Balotelli is still not taken into consideration by the coach of the Italian national team Roberto Mancini . Mancio did not call him for the next two matches against Greece and Bosnia and Balotelli was upset.

Mario Balotelli: "Out of the national team? It can't be my fault alone … ".

"If I'm not in the National team anymore, it's because I'm wrong. Perhaps because of my slightly strong character, or because it's more convenient not to call me, or because of racism. Certainly it is not my fault alone if I am not on the national team. At the beginning yes, after no ". Mario Balotelli who gave an interview to Canal + recounts his troubles with the blue shirt.

Among the topics also covered his future ("Stay in Marseille? Why not, I was good") and racism: "It is right that those like me who can be heard take a stand against all forms of discrimination.

You can leave the camp, but I don't train for a week and then leave the field for an idiot. It is easier to identify the fool and send him away ", says the 'Brescia' Balotelli who does not close the doors, one day, at the 'swallows', again in Serie A." One day, yes, I'd like to play at home, but I don't believe next year "(source Ansa).

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