Mario Balotelli against Salvini: “Mister Gattuso, many would like to have a” chat “with him”

Mario Balotelli contro Salvini: "Mister Gattuso, in molti vorremmo fare due "chiacchiere" con lui"

Mario Balotelli against Salvini: "Mister Gattuso, many would like to have a" chat "with him"

MILAN – Mario Balotelli enters head-on in the controversy between Salvini and Gattuso. The minister has accused Gattuso of not having made the changes to break the game against Lazio, the coach has responded to the politician to think about the problems of the country. In all this, Super Mario is on the side of Gattuso with the following post on Instagram: "I'm with Gattuso in the diatribe with Salvini" "Mister, we are many that we would like to have a chat with him".

What Salvini had said after Lazio-Milan

"Gattuso is the best coach Milan can have and I spoke as a fan. Let's say that maybe with some changes it would have ended in a different way ".

What Gattuso had answered in the post-match press conference

"Salvini complains because I have not made any changes? Listen, I do not talk about politics because I do not understand anything. I tell him to think about politics because with all the problems we have in our country, if the vice premier talks about football, it means that we are bad ". "This is an incredible country. Salvini complains because I did not make the changes? It started with Higuain, now it's a habit, then the derby tickets, let's continue like this then ".

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