Mario Adinolfi: “Controversy for the Super Cup in Arabia? Meanwhile, we sell the weapons “

Mario Adinolfi: "Controversy for the Supercup in Arabia? Meanwhile, we sell the weapons"

Mario Adinolfi: "Controversy for the Super Cup in Arabia? Meanwhile, we sell the weapons "

ROME – Interviewed by "Radio Cusano", Mario Adinolfi, the leader of the "People of the Family" gets angry with those who are indignant for the Italian Super Cup in Saudi Arabia: "I am an avid juventino and I will watch the Super Cup. I already got air tickets for the Champions League final in Madrid on June 1st. As for the controversy over women in Arabia – says Adinolfi – is crazy, the contract was signed to the sound of millions knowing well that the state was Saudi Arabia. We sell billions of euros of arms to the Arabs and we can not give to Rugani and Donnarumma the role of testimonial of Italian hardness against Arab consumption ".

"The usual Italian mechanism – he explains – first take 25 million and then pretend to go there and tell him how they should behave. Arabia is a retrograde regime, proving that Islam in its heart has something complicated to deal with and if it does not deal with it Islam becomes a problem both on a religious and cultural level. That stuff is contained in their sacred books. We should discuss this, but this is a taboo reasoning, but we prefer to take the baby out of the Crib to avoid annoying the Arabs ".

On the proposal of Mantero (M5S) to legalize cannabis. "It's a political signal that had never been seen before. There had never been an exponent of this level of government to present such a law proposal. We are pleased that the Minister Fontana has said that it is excluded that the government can give a stance to the proposal of the main majority party. Here we do not even talk about cannabis light, which the Health Committee has said it is potentially harmful. Think what would have happened if the Committee had defined a potentially harmful food. On the other hand, cannabis light continues to sell, it is not a sale or a shop. Not only Minister Grillo did not listen to him, but he dissolved the Committee ".

On the use of contraceptives. "We are against it. Prevention is done through responsible sexuality, I do not run the risk of contracting the disease because I know the person with whom I make love, that person has the same kind of respect towards me. If my 18-year-old son asks me to go around prostitutes, I do not give him a condom, I slap him and explain that he has to learn to respect women. Even for occasional relationships it is the same, who is more continent does not run risks. Say: go with whom you want but use condoms is an answer to the problem that seems to me weak ".

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