Mariano Diaz positive for coronavirus, there is concern for City-Real in the Champions League

Mariano Diaz positive for coronavirus, there is great concern for the Champions League match between Manchester City and Real Madrid. What if he infected other teammates?

There is a covid positive footballer in Real Madrid. Mariano Díaz, currently in solitary confinement, will have to remain in quarantine: the Dominican forward has not trained and will have to miss the Champions League match with Manchester City.

The player born in '93 like the rest of the team had a few days off after winning the title: on his return from the short vacation the club carried out the control tests on his players and Mariano Diaz tested positive.

Real Madrid finished the championship but not the season. In fact, the blancos have yet to play a very important Champions League match against Manchester City.

Of course the blancos are expected from a titanic challenge given that the first leg, played in Madrid, ended with a score of 2 to 1 for Guardiola's team.

However, there is great concern because it is feared that Mariano Diaz could have infected other teammates. Which in turn could infect the City players, putting the organizational machine of the Champions League in serious difficulty.

For this reason, Mariano Diaz was immediately isolated and both he and his teammates will be subjected to carpet swabs (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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