Marcos Llorente called the dog Anfield after the brace in Liverpool

MADRID (SPAIN) – Marcos Llorente is not a striker, on the contrary … Atletico Madrid midfielder has scored just 8 goals in 163 games but two of these have been really heavy …

Before the Champions League suspension for the coronavirus, Marcos Llorente scored the brace that allowed Atletico Madrid to eliminate the reigning European champions of Liverpool from the Champions League.

Two goals of capital importance marked by one who does not attack in life, or rather by one who hardly ever scores …

His goals are even more valuable because, when he scored them, Liverpool won by two to zero and was qualifying for the Champions League quarter-finals.

Llorente's goals eliminated Liverpool from the Champions League against all odds. So Klopp and footballers will not be able to defend the trophy won a year ago.

This is an extraordinary feat because Liverpool, before this sensational elimination, had played two Champions League finals in a row (one won against Tottenham and one lost against Real Madrid).

An undertaking of this type must be celebrated in some way … Marcos Llorente did not get a tattoo to remember his qualifying goals but decided to call his dog "Anfield" (the name of the legendary Liverpool stadium).

To reveal it is the same footballer through a post uploaded on Instagram. In the photo you can see his dog looking out the window during the coronavirus quarantine: " Day 22: Anfield watching life go by".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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