Marco Rossi, the player on social media insults a woman: “Negra di m …, orangutan”

Marco Rossi, 19-year-old footballer from Monregale Calcio, a club from Mondovì, Cuneo, Piedmont, on social media with a video insults a woman.

At least singular episode in a historical phase in which racism is fought with the cry of ' Black Lives Matter '.

His behavior was stigmatized by everyone on social media, in particular from this Twitter page ( here the video with the racist insults of the young footballer Marco Rossi).

Here's what the young footballer says in this video.

"There is a negra of m … who thinks she has rights, and among other things she is negra she is also a woman, and already the words woman and rights should not be in the same sentence, plus if you add a negra, she already does laugh like that ».

“This orangutan had the bright idea of ​​reporting me for false testimony. Maybe it's true, I said a bit of forgery, but I was melted, drunk, isn't there? "

«In principle, you don't have to break my c …, because you are black, black negro of m …, and now I should pay the car to one only because he can make couscous? But kiss me c …, putt … Always if you want to call that tricycle that you have a car "(source Leggo ).

The Monregale Calcio immediately condemned the conduct of its member.

“Our company immediately became strongly dissociated from the very serious episode which saw Marco Rossi as protagonist.

The latter being one of his members.

La Monregale condemned this episode (despite not having any relevance to sports, but being contrary to our ethical values).

And he did what he could, that is, to immediately suspend the boy from any sport.

Suspension that is still in place, waiting to know what the possible sanctions are.

(we asked, for this purpose, an opinion from an expert in sports law, which we are still waiting for),

Then we will issue the definitive disciplinary measure.

This is the only reason we had not yet issued an official statement.

(now we have been asked by our friends and sponsors, for which we publish it willingly, to avoid misunderstandings and to protect their – even before our – good image).

In the same way, we have broken off the relationship with the manager (now ex) Gonella Matteo, who is no longer part of the Monregale family.

Both of the above have accepted the sanctions imposed, recognizing the seriousness of their (and only their) actions.

We are a small company, but in our own small way we have always believed in the social value of sport and inclusion.

Hundreds of Italian and foreign kids have always played for us, without ever having discriminated.

And we boast about it.

We have always adhered to every social initiative for inclusion, even going beyond the world of football.

As proof, in unsuspected times we were among the first to join the "Landings Emergency" project.

For this we are also praised by the press, as you can read here.

For this reason, we cannot tolerate that our name is muddy.

Or even just alongside episodes and behaviors that have nothing to do with our business.

(and, indeed, they are contrary to our principles).

We cannot tolerate it being damaged.

(not only in the image, but also economically, endangering its survival).

A company that has a role recognized as fundamental precisely for inclusion in our areas.

Thanks to us, many foreign children and teenagers integrated, learned a sport and found friends, in a land where they were forced to migrate from poverty and where they found a welcoming home: Mondovì and the Monregalese.

We are not and will never be racist.

However, there have been those who have insinuated the opposite, triggering a real wave of insults and threats against us, our friends and those who help us move forward, for which we have taken steps to complain, to protect ourselves and to obtain justice towards those who continue unjustly to offend us.

However, all this will not prevent us from continuing in our business, serving young people and sport. Monregale Calcio scsd ".

The boy's apology.

Alessio Ghisolfi, the footballer's lawyer, in a note underlines how “the episode is related to a private video, released without the knowledge of my client and without any consent, on social channels and multimedia tools. Marco – he continues – after days of reflection spent in pain, objectively apologizes and regardless of how many may have felt touched on a theme with which it is rightly very difficult to joke, force the hand, provoke even in one's own private ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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