Marco Materazzi: “Balotelli? After Inter-Barcelona I asked Mourinho … “

ROME – Marco Materazzi, in a direct Instagram with the chef Davide Oldani, talks about Mario Balotelli:

“I love Mario, but once in the famous game of the shirt thrown on the ground against Barcelona, ​​he really deserved it. Today we are back to being more than friends, practically brothers. On that occasion he did something he shouldn't have done, play badly; the discourse of the T-shirt went into the background ".

“Before the game – he says – on the bus he told us that he would go in and play badly. At that point I promised them. When he entered, he did an action by pulling from outside rather than going on the counterattack: there was Milito on the bench who wanted to kill him ".

“We – continues Materazzi – believed in him, made many goals with which he contributed to the final victory. Then I have to say one thing, one day I fell in love with his father who after the game with Rubin said to him: I didn't like you, you have to play more with your mates. And just go around with the girls, go for a bike ride in the park. "

“There – he concludes – he became my uncontested idol. Returning to Mario, after Barça I told Mourinho to take sides in the matches against Balotelli. So in a few seconds he would go to the locker room … " . (Source: Instagram, La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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