Maradona in the storm, on social media: “He takes drugs on the bench”

Maradona nella bufera, sui social: "Si droga in panchina"

Maradona under attack on social media: "He takes drugs on the bench" (still image from YouTube video)

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – Diego Armando Maradona is in the storm for a video he is shooting on social media. According to users who are sharing this video, until it goes viral, Maradona is taking drugs on the bench. On social media, they write: “The assistant is passing him an envelope of drugs, which is why he then covers the cameras. It's clear…".

Despite these serious accusations against him, Diego Armando Maradona has not yet responded on social networks. So at the moment this accusation is neither confirmed nor denied but in the meantime the video has gone viral on social networks.

Maradona is the Gimnasia La Plata coach, he hasn't coached in Argentina for nine years.

Maradona returned to training in Argentina after nine years. In the middle experiences around the world between the United Arab Emirates and Mexico. He is now the coach of Gimnasia La Plata, a club that plays in the top flight of the Argentine football championship.

As a footballer , Maradona was one of the strongest players in football history. As a coach, he didn't have the same satisfactions. Gimnasia La Plata could be the right opportunity to make the definitive leap in quality as a technician (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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