Maradona: his first car abandoned in a chicken coop could now be worth a fortune

Maradona's first car, a Fiat 128, was abandoned in a chicken coop. The car was purchased by a big Boca Juniors fan and could now be worth a fortune.

It was 2003 when Martín Varrone, a Boca fan and car collector, purchased the first car driven by Diego Armando Maradona.

Varrone is a fanatic of both Boca and vintage cars, in fact in his collection there are also a limousine from Juan Domingo Peron and a car driven by the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio.

In 2003, on the cue of a close friend of his, he decided to go and see what could truly be the first car driven by a very young Maradona.

"It was a time in my life when I liked buying vintage cars to restore them," he tells Infobae.

Curiosity led him to go to Salto, in the province of Buenos Aires, where the property was located with the car in question.

“I went there and there was Europa 128. It was in a chicken coop, with the chickens on it. "I have the documents," said the owner, and gave me an old green card, "recalls Varrone.

If he could prove it, Varrone, father of Nicolás, the Argentine driver who shines today in British Formula 3, could add an invaluable jewel to my collection, besides the fact that he needed love ”.

Not satisfied with the guarantees provided by the owner of the chicken coop, Varrone decided to collect further evidence.

“I went to the car register and asked for the data for the patent number. And the file was there. The car was in Diego's name since he bought it at 0 km.

The procedures had been carried out by Jorge Cyterszpiler, who was his representative at the time. And I didn't hesitate: I went back to Salto, bought it and took it home. "

In fact, it was the vehicle that Maradona had purchased on a particular date: December 24, 1982. Yes, this Christmas gift was made with the first money earned as a footballer.

Diego had already been champion with Boca in the Metropolitan in 1981 and had been acquired by Barcelona.

He sold it in 1984. Of course, in 2003, after a long period spent in the hut in which he was found, he was not in the same state he was in when he transported the star and his then girlfriend Claudia Villafañe during his outings in Buenos Aires.

Varro had the constancy and passion to refurbish the car which could now be worth a fortune because it is not only a vintage car but was also the first car of the strongest footballer of all time.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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