Mapei Stadium: the lucky landing of the paratrooper on Sassuolo-Inter. “I was screwed and lost”

paracadutista atterra al Mapei Stadium

The parachutist landed at the Mapei Stadium

ROME – The only players at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia not to stand up were the Sassuolo players who were still protesting for the penalty awarded. A skydiver with a wingsuit was descending from the sky. Soft landing on the green lawn, employees rushing to pick it up and in less than no time tell it to disappear.

From the curves and the grandstands the oooh of the case have been raised and also some sigh of relief because the bird-man didn't seem really at ease. Antonio Marino, 36 years old, flight controller at Linate airport and the hobby of parachuting (900 launches so far) is not a joker looking for easy publicity.

He was in trouble, he had moved away and practically lost in the clouds while he was trying to solve a problem from nothing at high altitude, a start of screwing that did not promise anything good. Having lost control of space, he saw a green square from above and dived into it. Only falling he realized that it was a football stadium.

"I don't want to portray it as a more dramatic situation than it was, but I was in trouble. I was in a slight twist. I didn't know what to do anymore, "he told Resto del Carlino.

How it could happen is a mystery only for those who don't practice throwing. "With the wingsuit I moved a lot from the airport without realizing it. After opening, I had a slight screwing problem. And so, while fixing this problem, I found myself lost and out of area ".

On the other hand, once landed, he was treated with care. "They were very kind. They calmed and gave me water, because they saw that I was very shaken. My head was spinning very hard. Perhaps because of adrenaline and accumulated fear. You know how it is, when there is also a small problem up there … ". (source Resto del Carlino)

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