Manolas and the Italian Cup: “After six years in Italy finally … I won something”

ROME – "After six years in Italy I finally won something". Kostas Manolas, ex Roma , enjoys the victory of the Italian Cup with his Napoli.

"After six years in Italy – he writes on social networks – I managed to win a trophy".

And Manolas also takes the likes of former Romanist comrades, Totti and De Rossi.

Manolas, Napoli and Gattuso's speech

At the end of the won Italian Cup final, Gattuso brought the whole team together in midfield.

“You have shown a sense of belonging, professionalism and character – Gattuso's words to the team – Here there are people who are about to expire on a contract that must go away, there are people who cry.

You are strong. Now we no longer have pressures, tensions, we no longer have any and we all play. I want to see the poison. "

On social media there are already those who have compared Ringhio Gattuso's speech to that of Al Pacino in Every damned Sunday. Maybe too much.

Certainly, however, Gattuso has succeeded in a not exactly obvious undertaking.

“It was in the air – says the president of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis – all compacted around Gattuso.

Naples is the only one that manages to fight Juventus. We still can't beat it in the Scudetto but we will succeed.

The Champions League? Dreams are important. This Covid with all respect for the victims, has stimulated the whole world, where everyone is ready to start again and start again stronger. Covid with all due respect for the deaths shattered us and we are ready to start again. " (Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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