Mancini: “Mihajlovic? When his yellow car was mistaken for a taxi … “

BOLOGNA – Roberto Mancini's show during a direct social with the boys from the Bologna youth sector.

Before speaking about the national team, the Italian coach told an anecdote about the ex teammate Sinisa Mihajlovic.

“I'll tell you a funny anecdote about your coach Mihajlovic.

When we played together at Sampdoria, he had a yellow car.

It was a sports car, if I remember correctly a BMW …

One day Sinisa went to the Genoa station to pick up his wife Arianna who had just arrived …

While waiting for Ariadne's arrival, at some point a person entered the rear seats of his car …

Sinisa turned to this person saying: "What are you … doing?".

Then this person replied: "But why isn't it a taxi ?!"

But do you realize? They had mistaken his yellow car for a taxi … ha ha! ".

Then the coach spoke to the national team .

“For me, all strong players can arrive in the national team, even if they don't play in Serie A.

I'm probably the first coach to think of it this way, but for me it's like that …

I made my debut in Bologna at 16 because I was talented but also because I found a coach who had the courage to throw me into the fray.

That's why I summoned Zaniolo even though he was practically a stranger.

When I called up Zaniolo, he had not yet made his debut in the first team and had zero appearances in Serie A.

I called him because I was impressed by his performances in the Under 19 European Championship.

To you young people of Bologna I say this, train hard, if you are strong I will call you into the national team also directly from the youth sector … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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