Mancini launches Tonali before Italy-USA: “We are here to see him …”

Mancini lancia Tonali prima di Italia-Usa: "Siamo qui per vederlo..."

Mancini launches Tonali before Italy-USA: "We are here to see him …" ANSA / CLAUDIO GIOVANNINI

GENK (BELGIUM) – "We are here to see players like Tonali. And I'm curious to see them too. " In a press conference in Genk on the eve of the friendly Italy-USA, Roberto Mancini makes it clear that he will play the 'milennial' director of Brescia, even if he does not specify if he will start from the beginning. Then a joke about the few goals scored by the Azzurri: "if you do not score, you do not win, but between Ukraine, Poland and Portugal we created twenty chances. I think it was a matter of bad luck, the important thing is that you turn the wheel a little ".

"Who plays? If the Azzurri on Saturday night have recovered and are well … Then sure, the others will also have room, being a test. Tone? I repeat, we are curious to see him at work, just like the other young people ". So Roberto Mancini on the eve of the friendly Italy-USA to Genk, but omitting to remember that the 11-owner in Italy-Portugal have already returned home Chiellini, Florenzi, Insigne, Immobile and Jorginho. On the offensive sterility the coach also says that "there is little to take action, if not throw it in". On the form and the schemes of the game Mancini says instead that "I waited to have the right players for my ideas. Verratti was not always available in the first convocations, as well as others. I have to say that mine did not take long to assimilate certain concepts ".

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