Mancini: “Balotelli is one of the strongest ever but he must do more …”

ROME – Mario Balotelli is still in the running for Euro 2021 but he has to do more … This was revealed by Roberto Mancini, coach of the Italian national football team, during an interview with Sky Sport.

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“For the qualities that Balotelli had and has, he is perhaps one of the best center forward ever, but not only that – continued Mancio -.

He must try to do more, because what he has done so far is not so much, also this year in Brescia. The hope is to be able to get it back one hundred percent as at the 2012 European Championships or even at Inter and Manchester City.

We are doing quite well in all departments, maybe we could go find another striker behind Immobile and Belotti, with different qualities. Zaniolo striker? Meanwhile, we hope that he will recover well from the injury: he has time ahead, then he is young and can improve from a technical and tactical point of view.

Certainly he can play different roles, but I don't think he can be the number 9. We hope that being young, Kean can play and improve, but we also wait for the younger ones: the hope is to find strikers with different characteristics. Esposito? I like him, he is young, he has already played in the Champions League, he must have experience, he is only 19 years old. There are also other interesting ones: the more we have, the better.

President Gravina did a beautiful thing: giving Coverciano for what's going on was a very nice gesture that brought the national team even closer to sportsmen and even non-sportsmen, because at the moment so many people need it. If something good can be done, it must be done.

What will this situation leave us? So much sadness in many Italian families: this is the most dramatic and impossible to accept, there is a lot of bitterness.

If we can organize any initiative we will do it willingly: I had already speculated a mixed match between the blue national teams and a team of doctors and nurses, perhaps in the most affected areas, to thank the health personnel for what they are doing. We will discuss this with the president. "

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