Mancini: “Balotelli? I’ll explain why I didn’t call him “

Mancini: "Balotelli? I'll explain why I didn't call him"

Mancini: "Balotelli? I'll explain why I didn't call him ". Photo ANSA / MAURIZIO DEGL'INNOCENTI

ROME – All the fault of an expulsion remedied in the last round of the championship. Roberto Mancini explained the reasons that led him to not summon Mario Balotelli, preferring the returning Andrea Belotti. Balotelli played an excellent second part of the season with Marseille but was unable not to commit "Balotellate". And so, in the last round of the Ligue 1 he got rid of an expulsion that cost him the exclusion from the National team.

Mancini: “Balotelli has to do much more. And he didn't have to catch that red. "

"Mario isn't here just for a technical matter and because he was expelled on the last day, he knows it, I told him personally. So Roberto Mancini on Balotelli's failure to convene which in a recent interview he also charged her with other reasons, including racism.

"The reasons why Mario is not here knows – the coach said – for the technical skills he has can come back here and also applies to other players currently excluded. He knows that he must not be expelled and instead it happened, if he is not here it is his fault and then taking back the blue will depend only on him. I've been training him since he was 17, he can do a lot more, when he plays 100%, it is for four players but he is content to do it at low levels. He has 12 months to try to return to the national team ".

"Bad weather around Conte and his arrival at Inter? In fact it is so but it should not be because we always talk about sports and the fans should just think about having fun hoping that their team will win ”. This was said by the Italian coach Roberto Mancini on the dispute concerning the former Juventus coach.

"Such a thing could also happen abroad, where cheering is so strong – added the Italian coach from Coverciano's withdrawal -. However, beyond the situation, I believe that Conte reflected well before making this decision to go to Inter and made the right choice. Is there anyone who would like to remove the star dedicated to him at the stadium? I don't know this but for sure Antonio was an important player and coach for Juve "(source Ansa).

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