Manchester City, Guardiola risks exoneration: “If I don’t beat Real, they will kick me out …”

Manchester City, Guardiola rischia l'esonero: "Se non batto il Real, mi cacciano..."

Manchester City could exonerate Guardiola in the event of elimination from the Champions League by Real Madrid (photo Ansa)

MANCHESTER (ENGLAND) – Pep Guardiola's future hangs on a thread. The Spanish coach is aware of risking the waiver if he does not eliminate Real Madrid from the Champions League round of 16. The former Brescia player was interviewed by Bianca Westwood for the Sky Sport broadcast "Soccer Saturday". Here are his statements from the satellite TV website.

Manchester City, Guardiola: “Do I risk exemption? I don't care about the judgment of others … ".

"I know that people judge me based on the victories and I accept it, I want to win the Champions League and I can't wait to get to work to prepare for the round of 16 against Real Madrid, I will have fun looking for solutions and those two weeks will be the happiest moment professionally, imagining what I can invent to beat them. If we don't succeed ok, I'm going to knock on the president and sports director's office to ask if I'm okay or not.

Will they release me? Ok, thanks it was a pleasure … Obviously I don't care about the judgment of others, I think of myself. Of course I want to win the Champions League, everyone wants it, but I know very well that in my job only one wins. All other 19 or 38 teams participating in a competition don't fail if they don't win it.

If a tennis player plays the final of a Master or of the Australian Open and finishes second he is not a failure, simply his opponent has been better. I know that Manchester City is aiming for the Champions League, they told me and I live with it, but the most important thing is to be proud of how your team plays and try to do the best possible.

By saying that only victories and trophies count, we send a bad message to the new generation, to all the children. You also said it in your question, that our season is a disaster and would change everything by winning the Champions League. Why? Why?".

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