“Lukaku won’t have time to reach the game rhythm,” the Anderlecht doctor’s alarm

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM) – Anderlecht doctor Kristof Sas scares Inter.

According to him, Lukaku will not be able to find the match rhythm in good time because during the championship stop he could not do anything but train in a condominium.

The Belgian company doctor expressed his view after his championship was permanently suspended for coronavirus.

Only Belgium, Holland and France have decided not to resume the championship for this season.

These statements alarm Inter because Lukaku is at the heart of the Nerazzurri game .

With Lautaro Martinez towards Barcelona, ​​Inter cannot do without the goals or the performances of the gigantic Belgian center forward.

It must also be said that Lukaku has an important musculature and that the players of his size usually get in shape later.

The declarations of the Anderlecht doctor at sporza.be are reported by calcioomercato.com.

“Playing one game after another will be very hard for the players, their body will suffer .

Mainly because they come from a long period of inactivity.

Lukaku had to train in an apartment building.

Now he won't have time to adapt to the rhythm of all those games.

I think it will be particularly affected in classic movements such as sprinting, turning around in the strait or passing the ball.

You have to train in a group to do all this.

Now it will be like going into battle and there is a risk of getting hurt quickly.

After all that time, you lose strength, speed and endurance.

You have to trigger your muscle fibers again and it should be done in a controlled and not in a hurry. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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