Luka Romero, the new Messi? Debut in La Liga at 15 years and 219 days. Absolute record

ROME – For now Luka Romero is the youngest I've ever made his debut in the Spanish La Liga .

If he is the New Messi as social messianism expects, the field will say so.

Yesterday, in the 84th minute, Majorca , who was about to lose the game against Real Madrid , brought in the boy, 15 years and 219 days old .

Record that had endured since the 1930s, Francisco Bao Rodriguez "Sanson" of Celta Vigo who in 1939 made his debut at 15 years and 255 days , ousted from the throne.

The nationality of baby-Romero ? A nice puzzle.

He has three passports . He was born in Mexico to an Argentine family, then, just like the most famous Pulce, he moved with his family to Spain in 20017.

La Repubblica informs about "bunches of goals at Sant Jordi, near Ibiza , so in 2015, at the age of 10, I arrived in Mallorca".

Very early or predestined, how do you say?

Yesterday his heart was beating very fast, revealed the coach who threw him into the fray of the adults, none other than at the Bernabeu .

Real Madrid meanwhile keep up with Barcelona and join him in command of the standings, with 68 points, thanks to the 2-0 success against Mallorca.

To sign for the 'merengues' the Brazilian Vinicius Junior (who raises his clenched fist after scoring) in the first half and Sergio Ramos in the second half. (sources La Repubblica and Ansa

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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