Luis Muriel “disobeys” Gasperini and scores from outside. A small phenomenon for the Champions League

Luis Muriel is the twelfth most decisive man ever, the successor who has scored the most goals in Serie A with three points.

With yesterday's spectacular brace in the comeback with which Atalanta sank Udinese (3 to 2), he reached 15 goals.

Nine of which starting from the bench (the old record, 7, belonged to Juventus' Di Vaio).

It took him 38 minutes more recovery: crystal muscles like his class, some very bright intermittences of Muriel are the closest thing to Ronaldo the Phenomenon, nothing less.

As soon as the formidable 25-meter slap was kicked, a first-rate low external player of rare intention and power that displaced the goalkeeper motionless, ran to embrace Gasperini.

He had something to be forgiven (Gasperini: "With Lazio he seemed dead. I told him everything").

But in his own way, disobeying. To the microphones Sky revealed smiling that the coach was shouting at him not to kick the assist offered by Papu Gomez first

“Because few goals are scored from outside the area. And for this reason Malinovskyi is a little good for long-range shots. "

Let's talk about another one with exceptional ballistic skills who happily disobeyed Lazio.

But while we average fans linger in idle discussions (organized play and ball on the ground against individual flair and freedom of genius) Atalanta even dreams of the hit in the Champions League.

Under normal circumstances it would be an adult party where little Atalanta would act as Cinderella.

But with dry matches and soft squadrons for the long hibernation …

And with the best attack of the Serie A where everyone including the strikers score, including those who Gasperini sings like a precious balm, drop by drop.

And if the luxury successor does not have a crooked moon, there is no blazon or psychological subjection that they hold: Luis Muriel is "happiness in person" (Gasperini) but brings with it wind and dynamite. (source Sky sport)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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