Luis Enrique why not go to the bench with Spain since March?

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Luis Enrique why don't you go to the bench with Spain?

ROME – Luis Enrique was not on the bench in the last two games played by Spain , valid for Euro 2020 qualifiers, against the Far Oer Islands and Sweden. Absences following those during the match against Malta last March. According to the Spanish press, at the base of the packages, mysterious "family reasons of force majeure" that could be the cause of an anticipated farewell to the national team in the future.

No one wanted to go deeper into the matter, precisely to protect the privacy of the former Barcelona coach dealing with problems of a personal nature. Now in Spain everyone is wondering if Luis Enrique will return to the bench in the next challenges. Question to which the technical director of the Furies Rosse has tried to answer: "We have not decided anything, and there are no deadlines because we do not consider the possibility of a change on the bench". Despite this the hypothesis of a replacement remains standing.

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