Ludovica Pagani makes Vinicius lose his head with his Instagram photos

MADRID (SPAIN) – Vinicius jr, a young phenomenon from Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team, has lost his head for Ludovica Pagani.

Thanks to the quarantine, Vinicius jr is connected on Instagram 24 hours a day, most of this time is spent on Ludovica Pagani's profile.

The Brazilian striker fills her with likes and appreciation comments and she doesn't miss an Instagram story.

Pagani did not only fall in love with the young talent of Real Madrid since it is followed by more than two million followers overall ( Diletta Leotta boasts six …).

Before arriving in the editorial office of Sportitalia and in "Quelli che il calcio" on Rai, Pagani started her apprenticeship with Tutto Atalanta Diretta Stadio (Bergamo TV).

During her professional experience in Bergamo, she became famous on social networks for a gaffe in reading the ranking of the Italian Serie A football championship.

Instead of reading the name of the team, its ranking position and the points obtained up to that point in the championship, Pagani came out with … "Napoli 47th, Juventus 45th … etc … etc …".

In other words, Pagani got confused (or did not know …) and interpreted the points of the teams as their position in the standings. In the studio nobody interrupted her and at the end of her speech she was also "rewarded" with a "very good …".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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