Lucas Leiva at the Milan press office in a wheelchair: “Sit and shut up”. Then he denies

Lucas Leiva all'addetto stampa del Milan in sedia a rotelle: "Stai seduto e zitto"

Lucas Leiva to Milan's wheelchair user: "Stay seated and shut up" (Ansa)

MILAN – During the frantic fight immediately after Milan-Lazio, Lucas Leiva told the Rossoneri press secretary in a wheelchair: "Stay seated and shut up". The Rossoneri member reacted with a "Testa di c …". This is the phrase that, as reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport, the Lazio midfielder would have said.

"I would like to clarify that the accusations recently addressed to my person regarding any facts in the post-match of Milan are t otally false and groundless ": in a post, the Brazilian from Lazio tries to explain himself. "In 10 years of career I have never allowed anyone to lack respect – he writes – It is my concern to highlight in a peremptory way this regrettable and totally false fact towards me because in ten years of career I have never allowed myself to miss of respect to nobody. This is absolutely not part of my professional behavior and offends not only third parties but also me on a human level. Certainly in a football match, taken by competitive tension, I may have said many things , but there is always a limit that I am never allowed to overcome ”.

The phrase of Leiva remains however the umpteenth slip of a correct game on the field but ruined by the behavior of more than one protagonist at the final whistle, like Kessie and Bakayoko who have made fun of Acerbi from Lazio (and ex Milan) showing his shirt to their fans.

"We are stronger than Milan, at the individual level there is no comparison". "Ok, Acerbi. See you on Saturday". It was the question and answer via Twitter between Francesco Acerbi and Tiémoué Bakayoko on the eve of Milan-Lazio. The Rossoneri midfielder then celebrated under the curve with Kessié, showing the Lazio defender's shirt to scorn the fans.

Acerbi's answer came shortly after: "I'm sorry because I exchanged the shirt to put an end to the issue , fomenting hatred is not sport, but a sign of weakness". Gattuso, the Milan coach, apologized on behalf of the team: "I saw it and we must apologize . The time has come for us to stop playing and concentrate more on training. We must apologize because these things are not done ".

Bakayoko himself also apologized to this: "Mine was a joking gesture. I didn't want to disrespect anyone. I apologize to Acerbi if he felt offended ". After midnight, Kessie also apologized: "My sincerest apologies to @ francescoacerbi88 I just wanted to joke, nothing more. Maximum respect for all ".

And in the controversy Ciro Immobile has also entered that commenting on the photo he wrote: "Two small" men "who show the shirt of a champion both in the field and in life … you are a great Lion do not think about it". (Fonte Gazzetta dello Sport).

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