Luca Toni: “Do it before the games? In my day the retreat was in fashion … “

Luca Toni: "Farlo prima delle partite? Ai miei tempi andava di moda il ritiro..."

Luca Toni: "Do it before the games? In my day the retreat was in fashion … "

ROME – Luca Toni, a former footballer among others from Rome and Bayern Munich, was interviewed on Rai Radio2 during the program "I Lunatici", hosted by Roberto Arduini and Andrea Di Ciancio, live every night from 1.30 am to 6.00 am morning. Luca Toni talked about the World Cup won by Italy in 2006 and the classic question asked of the players "Do you do it before the games affect the performance on the field?".

Luca Toni: "Do it before the games? Everyone has his habits and his superstitions ".

Here are the answers provided by Luca Toni during the "I Lunatici" program on Rai Radio 2. "Playing and making an important goal is the maximum, sometimes there were goals that were much nicer than making love. Do it before the games? It depends. I think you have to manage yourself according to the moment. It depends on so many things. In the years I played, the retreat was in fashion. One has to do what one wants. The players then are very superstitious ”.

"Secrets? We were a group of friends, all top players, at the right age, with a great coach. We started with a thousand problems, Calciopoli exploded, many politicians did not even want us to go to the World Cup, then we returned with the tricolor arrows waiting for us in Rome.

The best thing was to see the crescendo of people in front of the hotel. At the beginning there were three or four, after the semi-final with Germany there were ten thousand. We were armored in this hotel, we felt at home, our friends, but only when we returned to Rome did we notice the enthusiasm that was in our country "(source Rai Radio 2, program I Lunatici).

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