Luca Gagliano, who he is: the tale of the young man who scored the 1st goal in Serie A at Buffon in Cagliari-Juventus

Luca Gagliano, discovering the Cagliari baby phenomenon that marked the first Serie A goal against Buffon's Juventus.

The first goal in Serie A is never forgotten, even more so if it is scored against the reigning Italian champions of Juventus with a legend like Buffon between the posts. Magic evening for the young Cagliari soccer player Luca Gagliano.

The 2000 class, in its second appearance in Serie A, scored its first goal in the top flight. A relatively normal goal for a pure-bred bomber like him. In fact, the young Gagliano, before making his debut with the adults, had scored 10 goals in the Primavera championship.

Thanks to these performances with Cagliari for young people, he was joined in the first team by Walter Zenga.

Luca Gagliano was born in Alghero, Sardinia, on 14 July 2000. As mentioned, it is a product of the Sardinian youth sector.

Gagliano made his Serie A debut against Lazio and today, against Juventus, he scored the first goal in the top flight.

The Sardinian baby phenomenon scored Buffon by two steps on Mattiello's perfect cross. Zenga believed in him and this young man repaid him with a dream performance.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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