Lotito risks referral. Federal Prosecutor: “Explain that Juve-Inter have you seen it all …”

Lotito risks referral. Federal Prosecutor: "Explain that Juve-Inter have seen it all ..."

Lazio President Claudio Lotito (Ansa)

ROME – The usual suspects.

While the Serie A championship is still in mothballs, the Federal Prosecutor 's Office is already on the field.

Indeed, Lazio president Claudio Lotito has been summoned to justify his allusive declarations made in the Republic immediately after the Juventus-Inter match on 8 March.

What did he mean by that "I 'm at a point from Juventus and only for Juve-Inter , oh well, have you all seen her …"?

The judges of the Federation want to understand: was he questioning the regularity of the match, played behind closed doors and clearly won by Juventus?

One of the two: if Lotito is aware of facts or information of some importance, he will open an investigation for a sports offense , otherwise he will officially refer him for his insinuations.

According to article 23 of the new Code of sports justice, the president of Lazio in fact risks the referral for "declarations damaging the reputation of people, companies or bodies operating within the CONI, FIGC, UEFA or FIFA".

With the stop imposed by the coronavirus, the clock of the justice of football had also stopped: on 18 May it recovered from where it left off, so the 60 days from the start of reporting to the Prosecutor's Office will be extended until mid-July.

When, hopefully, the championship will be immersed in the hottest phase of the Scudetto race: we expect goals and emotions, together with suspicious controversies and recriminations.

Welcome back to normal. (source Il Tempo)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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