Liverpool, fan Rome pleads guilty to the attack on Cox

Liverpool, tifoso Roma si dichiara colpevole per l'aggressione a Cox

Liverpool, fan Rome pleads guilty to the attack on Cox (Ansa)

ROME – Roma supporter Simone Mastrelli pleaded guilty on Thursday for the attack on Liverpool's fan Sean Cox , who was seriously injured in April 2018 before the Champions League semi-final between Liverpool and Rome. At the Thursday morning hearing before Preston Crown Court in north-west England, 30-year-old Simone Mastrelli pleaded guilty. The wife of the Irish Reds fan is also present in the classroom. The 53-year-old Cox suffered severe head trauma and remained for four and a half weeks in a neurological unit specializing after the April incidents near Anfield.

Mastrelli was arrested in Italy in January and then extradited to England. Another 21-year-old Roma fan was sentenced last year to three years in prison for violating the public order in connection with the incidents that day, but was cleared of his involvement in the attack on Cox. Also a third yellow-haired supporter, 29, admitted to having participated in the incidents and was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

Meanwhile Sean Cox continues his personal battle to return to normal life, has resumed drinking and eating independently. The rehabilitation cures at the National Rehabilitation Hospital of Dun Laoghaire are still underway.

Fonte Ansa .

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