Lippi: “Stadiums open to the public? I think they are thinking about it “

ROME – “The public in the stadiums? I think they are thinking about it – says Marcello Lippi in an interview with Radio Anch'Io sport – since discos, cinemas and theaters reopen, stadiums can also be partially reopened ”.

We all wanted the championship to start, we didn't like the algorithms and the Playoffs.

With the soft quarantine there will be no more doubts about the end of the season.

I would say that the teams are well under way, it is impossible that the players are in great condition, they have not even played a friendly.

The teams that accuse the least are those with compactness and defensive organization. Like Napoli ".

“My memory of Mario Corso? He was a great person, I also knew and appreciated him off the pitch. He was a kind person, of infinite sweetness ”.

Lippi is the point on Serie A

On Gattuso and Napoli, the former coach admits:

“If anyone thinks they are full, Rino eats it. He created a sense of belonging, put everything in order, made himself appreciated, reassembled and obtained the first results ".

"Atalanta? Let's hope that Atalanta can be the revelation of the Champions League, all Italian sportsmen have fallen in love with this team.

Atalanta has become the fiancée of the Italians: for how it works, organizes itself, for how it chooses the players, for how it plays.

It is beautiful to look at. Why shouldn't the revelation of the Champions League be? Better than any other Italian, she interprets today's international football and resembles teams like Liverpool. "

"Atalanta-Lazio? All games are crucial, since there is little left in the end. Not yet decisive, perhaps, but important – adds Lippi -. There is curiosity to see all the teams at work, to understand if something has changed.

The lockdown may have been damage, a problem, or maybe not. It's a puzzle. "

“Me on a bench? I repeat that I am not interested in coaching a club team, perhaps a national team. If a serious proposal comes from a Federation not so far away, I will evaluate it ".

On the five changes, Lippi says he is "favorable" in this period "they are necessary for now, under normal conditions they don't seem too many".

"Inter? Conte in these periods manages to transmit an exceptional charge. Surely Inter are fighting. "

Gasperini and Juric? “Atalanta approaches the football of the future, aggressive and proactive; Verona is a mini-Atalanta, not as an importance of the city, but as a type of football ". (Source: Radio Anch'Io).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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