“Lingard will not score in the Premier League”, bettor cheers ahead of time and is mocked at the last second

Never bet against Lingard . A punter cheers ahead of time and is mocked at the last second of the Premier League.

What had Anthony been aiming for? (This is the name of the bettor who went viral on social networks in spite of himself …). He had bet against Lingard saying he would end the English championship with zero goals and zero assists.

This bet seemed far-fetched and in fact paid very well. Anthony would have won just over £ 135 with a bet of just £ 3. In short, a real deal. Too good to be true…

Thus, on the wings of enthusiasm, Anthony made his episode public to seek comments of appreciation on social networks a few minutes after the end of the last Manchester United match.

In fact, the game was about to end without a goal for Lingard. This would have meant a bet won against all odds. But there is an unwritten rule in the gambling world: never make your bet public until it is actually successful.

Which is our not claiming victory too soon. Or the trap maxim "Don't say cat if you don't have it in your bag".

Anthony sang victory too soon and was terribly mocked as Lingard scored his only league goal in the 98th minute of the last Premier League match. It couldn't get worse than that. Or maybe yes…

In fact, the other users of social networks have mocked him in every way until it becomes viral. Anthony accepted the defeat with sportsmanship and also received an unexpected message.

In fact, Paddy Power, which is the portal where Anthony had made the bet, decided to give him this money as a sign of solidarity.

Anthony thanked but decided not to keep this money but to immediately turn it over to GoFundMe (the English association that fights for the rights of black people discriminated against in the cry of Black Lives Matter).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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