Lee Hendrie’s drama: “That’s why I attempted suicide several times”

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Lee Hendrie , a former footballer of the English national team , told everyone about his drama .

At the end of his career, the former footballer of Aston Villa and Stoke City found himself without money for some wrong investments .

This sudden poverty , after years of unbridled luxury, made him fall into the abyss of depression .

From there the situation precipitated with Hendrie who tried , fortunately without success, several times to commit suicide .

The former England footballer recounted his drama during the ITV series "Harry's Heroes".

“I fell out of favor after some bankruptcy real estate deals .

I'm not proud of the times I tried to kill myself.

At 43, the golden years of my football career were already a distant memory …

My investments went badly because the real estate market has literally collapsed .

I fell into a deep depression , almost incurable.

I went bankrupt and they are all gone.

I haven't quite gotten out of this situation yet as I still take antidepressants.

Mine is an ongoing struggle , I fight every day.

These negative thoughts never leave me.

I still have a few bad weeks but I am mentally strong enough to overcome them.

I have attempted suicide twice.

The first in 2010.

I stopped at the pharmacy, went inside and bought some pills.

I got back in the car and stopped in an isolated place.

Once stopped, I swallowed all the pills together.

Mine was a true selfish gesture since I have five children …

I have disappointed all of them with my behavior.

I vaguely remember parts of the ambulance trip.

It was all very blurry.

It was horrible.

I had so many worries: 'am I going to a psychiatric ward because I did it?' But above all, I was thinking, 'Will I do it again?

Unfortunately I did it again …

The second suicide attempt was in July 2011.

I had recently divorced, life no longer made sense to me, I wanted to do it at all costs …

I don't remember what I did exactly …

All I know is that I woke up in the hospital on a life support machine.

One thing I remember very well is the shocked look of my family.

This is an image that I can't get out of my mind and it hurts me.

My mother told me to stop because I was hurting the people who loved me.

But I wasn't thinking about all this, I was overcome by my desperation.

I am my worst enemy.

I don't feel like I deserve any applause.

But I'm proud to have become someone else.

I have found excellent employment, I am proud to work for Sky Sports.

I thank all the people who helped me improve with their constructive criticisms.

Despite the bad press, I am still a human being.

I try to do this new job well, but I always fear that things will go wrong again. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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