Lecce-Inter, Salento fans hate Conte for two reasons

Lecce-Inter, i tifosi salentini odiano Conte per due motivi

The journalist Marco Barzaghi has posted on Twitter the banners with insults to Antonio Conte during Lecce-Inter

LECCE – Lecce fans hate Antonio Conte from Lecce. Today they welcomed him in the worst way with decidedly offensive banners with the words: "Count without dignity, you are the m … of our city". But where does so much hate come from? From two reasons, one historical and one recent. Conte, who was previously nice to Lecce fans, was repudiated when he decided to sign for the "cousins" of Bari.

Lecce-Bari is one of the most heated Apulian derby for this reason the fans of the "cockerels" who have never forgiven him for this "betrayal". Then there are the recent reasons, in the first leg, clearly won by Inter for four to zero, Antonio Conte exulted too much also on the occasion of the third and fourth goals, when the match was already closed for a while.

Lecce fans saw these exultations as a serious lack of respect for a team that was at the first game of the season in Serie A as a newly promoted.

At the end of the game, Antonio Conte was interviewed by Sky Sport but did not talk about these offenses against him because no journalist asked him.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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