LeBron James: “Michael Jordan? For me he has always been a Black Jesus “

LOS ANGELES (UNITED STATES) –   In America and on social media, there is nothing more than " The Last Dance " , the Netflix series that told the story of Michael Jordan .

LeBron James has also spoken on the subject, a champion who is often compared with Jordan .

LeBron James has no doubts: "For me Michael Jordan is Black Jesus".

The Los Angeles Lakers star spoke of Michael Jordan during the show " Uninterrupted WRTS After Party ".

“I have always seen Michael Jordan as a Black Jesus, a messiah sent to earth by angels to teach us the secrets of basketball.

I played against him when I was 16 years old.

It was an exhibition meeting.

I have been invited with the other best young Americans.

We played alongside Jordan and other NBA stars.

This game was played at the Hoops Gym in Chicago.

Jordan organized it because he had to get back in shape after the Chicago years.

I only came onto the pitch if one of the NBA stars needed to rest.

But obviously I didn't care to stay on the bench, I was only 16 years old, I was making a dream come true …

After that wonderful experience, I met Jordan again in 2003 …

Again it was an unofficial appointment, an exhibition …

It was the 2003 camp, I played several games on the Jordan team.

I can tell you that as teammates we have not lost even one game and the opponents were far from scarce …

I would have been the ideal teammate for him …

Together we would have done even better than he and Pippen did in the Bulls …

Jordan is a killer under the basket, with my assists he would have scored even more.

A thought on the NBA? I hope to be able to return to play, as well as many of my other teammates …

But first of all, health comes.

We want to go back to giving people basketball but we have to do it in total safety. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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