Lazio turns 120, Totti likes Vieri’s post celebrating it on Instagram

Lazio compie 120 anni, Totti mette like al post di Vieri che la festeggia su Instagram

Vieri best wishes to Lazio with this post published on Instagram, turn this photo on social media with the like of Francesco Totti

ROME – Once again, Totti ended up at the center of controversy on social networks for a like on Instagram. A few days ago, Totti was accused of having liked a comment by a fan who was clamoring for the transfer of Alessandro Florenzi. For this alleged like he was so criticized that he was forced to release a press release on Instagram:

“I'd like to point out that I never liked that bad taste comment about Alessandro Florenzi. I have deep respect for him as a friend and footballer. In particular, Roma fans should know. What I am reading in articles and on social networks saddens me. Totti ".

Now his social activity is back in discussion for his alleged like to a post by Bobo Vieri celebrating Lazio's birthday. The accusation is easy: Totti, the flag of Rome, has put a like to Lazio on Instagram.

Will it be true? For now, the former captain of Rome has not yet denied this "like" to the post of his old team mate but on social media he turns a photo where you can see Totti's like. It could be a fake, as it could be that he put it on and then remove it. Social networks also allow this.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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