Lazio transfer market, Giroud: salary and offer, that’s what’s missing

Calciomercato Lazio, Giroud: stipendio e offerta, ecco cosa manca

Lazio transfer market, Giroud could arrive before the end of the January session. In this photo Ansa exults with his companions from France

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Lazio are trying everything to get to Olivier Giroud , center forward who would reinforce an already very competitive squad. Lazio are left with only the championship but the Biancocelesti are there at the top with significant chances of winning the championship. Above all because the rivals, that is Juventus and Inter, are still engaged both in Europe and in the Italian Cup. Lazio, on the other hand, will be able to train carefully since it only plays one game per week.

Lazio transfer market, Tare in London to convince Chelsea and Olivier Giroud.

In order to convince the footballer and Chelsea, Tare flew to London. Lazio's ds is raising the stakes to snatch the yes from Giroud and Chelsea but there is no shortage of problems.

Chelsea do not make it an economic but a technical problem. Giroud is a reserve because the immovable owner is Tammy Abraham but can still come in handy if the 22-year-old Englishman is not available. For this reason, before relinquishing it, Chelsea are looking for another center forward but for now the proposed players do not like the coach Lampard.

Then there is the negotiation with the footballer. Tare's offer is very good given that he offered the 33-year-old Frenchman a contract for three and a half years at 2.5 million euros per season but his wife is not convinced of moving to Rome.

Giroud has never played in Italy and his wife would prefer to stay in England hoping for the transfer of her husband to Tottenham (in case Mou's club does not make it for Bale). In short, it is a chess game that could be resolved in the last few hours of the transfer market.

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