Lazio, not just the sorceress. Lotito blesses changing rooms and training camps by a priest

Lazio, non solo la maga. Lotito fa benedire spogliatoi e campi allenamento da un sacerdote

Lazio, not just the sorceress. Lotito blends changing rooms and training camps by a priest ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

ROME – The season of Lazio is taking a bad turn and then Claudio Lotito has decided to run for cover using a sorceress and a priest. The Serbian "sorceress" Mirijana Kovacevic , has been hired to make up for the numerous injuries suffered by Lazio players in the last period. The priest, was called to bless the dressing room of Lazio and training camps in Formello that according to Lotito would be hit by an evil eye.

In short, the goal is to drive away the negativity to return to competitive for the fourth place in the standings and to conquer the final of the Italian Cup at the expense of Milan. We need positive results after the elimination from the finalists of the Europa League final against Sevilla.

Lazio, Lotito and the idea of ​​the priest, all thanks to a Spring

But how did Lotito think of calling a priest to bless his beloved Lazio? According to the well-informed, everything would be born from the joke of a player of the Primavera aggregated to the first team. He would have exclaimed: "With all these injuries, we need a curse to ward off the evil eye!"

Having said that, Claudio Lotito took him seriously, even if it was a simple joke, and he got in touch with a priest of confidence to bless the training camps of Lazio and the changing rooms of the biancoceleste society. Will these choices bear fruit? Just wait for the Italian Cup semi-final to realize it.

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