Lazio, Maurizio Manzini kidnapped: a girl snatches his watch

Lazio, Maurizio Manzini rapinato di un orologio da una 20enne mentre era in macchina

Maurizio Manzini is the historic team manager of Lazio. He would have been robbed of a watch by a 20-year-old

ROME – Robbery today at 3.30 pm in Parioli, in the capital. Victim Maurizio Manzini , Lazio team manager, who was traveling by car in via Panama when he was approached by a girl of about 20 years old. According to what was written by AGI, the young woman would have made Manzini roll the window and steal his watch. The police are investigating the case.

Maurizio Manzini, a life in Lazio: he is the historic team manager of the biancocelesti.

Maurizio Manzini is the historic team manager of Lazio, born in Rome on November 25, 1940. As writes, Manzini is the only Lazio in a family of bright Giallorossi supporters.

At Lazio in an official capacity since 1988 but as a collaborator since 1971. He had the first impact with the Biancocelesti in Lugano, in the hotel that hosted the team before a match of the Coppa delle Alpi and he, who worked in Milan in the airline BEA and Lazio fan, had gone there to greet the players.

He moved to Rome as Sales Director of the private airline Itavia for central Italy, he realized that Lazio was among the customers and therefore had the opportunity to organize a trip to Bergamo. He became very close friends with Secretary Fernando Vona and constituted the reference point for the team's travels. The rest is history (AGI sources and (YouTube video with the Lazilità award received by Manzini in 2011).

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