Lazio, Lotito: “Property? A child of the people. Inzaghi? Dragger “

Claudio Lotito, Ansa

Claudio Lotito (photo Ansa)

ROME – Lazio are preparing to celebrate 120 years of history after winning the Super Cup against Juventus, after hitting the ninth consecutive victory and after lengthening in the standings against Roma thus consolidating third place in the standings.

“Real estate symbol of this moment? From an emotional point of view – says Claudio Lotito in a long interview with Repubblica – certainly. He is a child of the people, he represents all the cross – sections of society and arouses empathy for his behavior, irony, availability. I have a beautiful personal relationship with him, with great affection. I was convinced, like Tare, that he would do important things, but nobody could predict them. He was a player who in the previous club suffered and who, put in the right conditions, in a familiar environment, flourished again and exploded. Lazio is a large family of which I am the father: I do not make preferences among my children, praising the qualities of each one, thanks to which the total quality of the group is obtained ".

“A flaw and a quality of Simone Inzaghi? He is a great connoisseur of football and works 24 hours a day, managing to emotionally involve the players, he is a great driver. Like all those who move on a stage that requires growth, then occurred, I would not speak of defects but of considerations: externally they may seem errors, in reality they are not, they represent a moment linked to growth which then leads to fortify even more the person".

“Why did I choose Tare? Tare is a very determined boy, he knows five languages, he is tireless, a perfectionist. My choice was right. He did not have the experience but he had the potential, I was convinced of this and it has also been demonstrated by the facts. Today he is one of the best out there, he has the approach of a respectable person, balanced and attached to society. A great affection also binds us, further added value to achieve results ".

"Why did you decide to buy Lazio? I immediately understood the importance and responsibility of acquiring the management of a team which, in addition to being always that of the heart, represented the historical sporting heritage and the soul of many fans. A great honor, a strong emotion ".

“Lazio – he explains – invoiced 84 million, lost 86.5 million and had 550 million in debt. Today he has a balance between the best in Italy and abroad, and has won most of all after Juve. This represents the pride and pride of myself and the Lazio people ".

The operation you regretted? “Zarate's redemption at 22 million is a move I would not do again. I was at the beginning of my presidency, I had to make investments and give signs of growth in technical and sporting quality. As far as it turned out from the behavioral point of view, it was a perhaps not very careful choice. Today we evaluate, in addition to the athletic and competitive potential, also the morality of the players and the economic-financial compatibility ".

Where do you want to take Lazio? “I hope it will reach other sporting goals in Italy and abroad. To be the reference point of sports policy to defend the founding values ​​of civil society. Become an example to educate young people. Bringing the smile and the desire to fight also to those people who have to overcome obstacles in daily life ".

Source: La Repubblica.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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