Lazio, Diaconale attacks Juventus: “He wants the stop to have a good sports balance”

ROME – Lazio spokesman Arturo Diaconale continues to attack Juventus: " The Bianconeri want to stop the championship in order to have a good sports balance too".

His statements to the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo are reported by

“Lazio had a good season, it is undeniable and must be able to demonstrate, on the field, that it can win the championship.

In the past there have been different orientations, that of crystallizing the championship and asserting the current classification and automatically winning the championship and making the teams currently queuing back.

Other companies – low ranking – want to cancel the season, here a team like Benevento would be penalized, who almost mathematically won the promotion and would create Infiniti legal appeals.

I do not agree with Damascelli that the salary cut would deserve the shield of ethics for Juventus who made this operation primarily with the interest of rebalancing the budget.

It is not a selfish fact, it is not a little virtuous choice, but a legitimate choice for a society that can not only worry about abstract goods, but to make ends meet.

Juventus would also benefit from closing the championship and allowing it to have an acceptable sports balance.

My considerations are made by the desire to defend the club I am a fan of as a child, with respect to the interests of Juventus and I consider every convenience.

But I must note that having spoken clearly made me gain avalanches of insults on social media from Juventus fans and other teams, which I did not expect.

Some stances that were clearly favorable to the end of the championship played negatively on the companies listed on the stock exchange, damage to the damage ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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