Lazio, Diaconal attacks Spinelli: “It is like Cellino. Are you talking about c ** lioni? He doesn’t have enough “

ROME – One declaration per day . This is now the communication strategy of Arturo Diaconale , Lazio spokesman.

Diaconal always wants the last word , on everything. Nobody can talk about Lazio without collecting its immediate reply .

This time Diaconale used his Facebook page to respond to the accusations of Spinelli and Cellino .

Spinelli, Lotito and the astute people of Livorno . Needlessly rude and violent.

These are the statements by the president of Livorno, Aldo Spinelli, dedicated to the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito , invited not to " break any more " with the resumption of the championship and, in fact, to passively accept the cancellation of the championships series A and series B with the consequent crystallization of the current rankings .

What need was there to invest Lotito when the real interest of Spinelli, who is negotiating for the sale of his team, is to avoid a recovery that could provoke a relegation of Livorno with the consequent difficulty in positively closing the current sales negotiation ?

Attacking Lotito and Lazio (like Spinelli also the president of Brescia, Massimo Cellino) has however become a convenient way used by some presidents to easily ignite the attention of the media, diverting that of their fans from disappointments for the unsatisfactory championship of their respective teams .

In all likelihood, then, with his language Spinelli tried to get in tune with the employees of the unloading cooperatives of the port of Livorno.

Forgetting, however, that these workers are cunning Tuscan who know perfectly well how often those who talk too much about people do it to hide that they don't have enough ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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