Lazio, Cataldi: “Inzaghi? I don’t imitate him anymore but he was strong … “

Lazio, Cataldi: "Inzaghi? Non lo imito più ma  è stato forte..."

Lazio, Danilo Cataldi spoke of his imitation of Inzaghi: "It was strong but I don't think I'll do it anymore …" (photo Ansa)

ROME – Lazio won 3-2 on the Genoa field with a goal from a free kick by Danilo Cataldi but in the post-match there was talk above all of his imitation of the coach during the birthday party of Ciro Immobile. Here are the statements made by the midfielder to Dazn's microphones:

“The imitation of the coach? I don't do it anymore … he was strong but I don't think I will do it again because he is my coach anyway and I don't want to disrespect him. I am happy to have played and to have scored the third goal. It seems in my destiny to always score the third goal, it happened to me also in the derby and in the Italian Super Cup final won against Juventus.

But that's fine as long as we win. I'm not interested in scoring, I'm not a player with an easy goal, I only want to help the team win. We are doing great things, more than a team, we look like a family. We must continue like this because it is too good to give these joys to our fans. We must pursue this dream … ".

Inzaghi himself also spoke on this imitation, again on Dazn's microphones: “I did not know Cataldi in this capacity. I must say that he was also very good as an imitator. Really very funny.

But I'm happy with the way he plays, even today he was very good like all his other teammates. We are up there and we have a duty to aim for the championship. There are plenty of games, we have to give everything we have … ".

Lazio, Danilo Cataldi imitates his coach Simone Inzaghi.

Danilo Cataldi imitated his trainer Simone Inzaghi during Ciro Immobile's birthday party (YouTube video).

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