Lazio-Bologna, banner for De Rossi: “Nord greets fierce enemy”. Rest of the stadium whistles

Lazio-Bologna, striscione per De Rossi: "Nord saluta fiero nemico"

Lazio-Bologna, banner for De Rossi: "Nord greets fierce enemy" (Sky Sports still image)

ROME – During Lazio-Bologna, the postponement of Monday of the Italian Serie A football championship, the supporters of the Curva Nord of Lazio wanted to say goodbye to Daniele De Rossi's farewell to Roma with a banner: “La Nord greets Daniele De Rossi. Proud and irreducible enemy on the field. CN 12 ”. The warmest fringe of the Biancoceleste typhoon had also done the same with Francesco Totti ( here the photo ). The banner for De Rossi was not appreciated by the rest of the stadium that booed the initiative of the North Curve.

Lazio, the fans salute Daniele De Rossi. They had done the same with Totti.

The departure of Daniele De Rossi to Roma, as well as that of Francesco Totti, has made the whole world of football talk. When a flag greets his favorite team, it makes noise. Everything is expanded if this farewell is decided unilaterally by the club. Francesco Totti, who in any case had already passed forty years, decided to sketch accepting the decision of the club and continuing his career in Rome as a manager.

The same decision was not made by Daniele De Rossi. The Giallorossi captain wanted to continue playing football in his favorite team but was not allowed. For this reason, Daniele De Rossi refused a managerial position and decided to continue his footballing career elsewhere after 18 years of militancy among the Giallorossi ranks.

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