Lazio beat Cagliari but the Champions League is not yet sure, that’s why

By beating Cagliari , Lazio mortgaged the fourth place in the standings but the qualification for the Champions League is not yet sure. Here because.

There is a scenario that would exclude Lazio from the Champions League despite fourth place in the standings.

The Biancocelesti would instead be sure of the qualification if they were to rank third or second.

In fact, if Roma were to win the Europa League and Napoli were to win the Champions League, Lazio fourth in the standings would be relegated to the Europa League.

It is a very complicated but not impossible combination. Therefore Lazio will be able to celebrate the return to the Champions League, from fourth place, only after the elimination of Roma or Napoli from the European cups.

In the past it had never happened because the European cups were played at the same time as the championship and not after.

Uefa regulations are clear, a maximum of five teams per country can qualify for the Champions League. As a rule there are four but if one were to get there thanks to the success in a continental trophy it would be fine anyway.

So if only one between Rome and Naples were to triumph in Europe, Lazio's place would still be safe but if both were to triumph they would go there instead of the biancocelesti.

Returning to today's game, Lazio won in a comeback against Cagliari, definitively separated Roma, and guaranteed fourth place in the standings (with the possibility of climbing even further positions. In fact, the reasoning we have made so far is only valid in case Lazio finishes fourth).

Obviously the speech made for Lazio would apply to any other team that should be placed in fourth place in the standings.

Lazio played a bad first half tonight, closed under a goal against Cagliari but then in the second half the Biancocelesti were able to overturn the network signed by Simeone with the markings of Milinkovic and Immobile.

With this success, Lazio is sure to end the season in the top four of the championship while Cagliari was already satisfied for the salvation that he had conquered in the previous rounds.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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