Lazio, Acerbi’s sportiness: “Zaniolo drives me crazy, he is an animal”

ROME – Francesco Acerbi spoke about Lazio and the possible resumption of the football championship during a direct Instagram with the page 'What a bomber's life is struggling'.

“Honestly, I'm a little tired of staying home. But there are still no certainties about the resumption of the championship but finally a little light is seen again.

I have a good relationship with everyone but I have a close friendship with Ciro Immobile. In addition to being a great footballer , he is an excellent friend.

We often joke during games. I tell him, Cyrus, go and score. Or Cyrus, it's time. He understands me on the fly and really marks luckily .

Everyone asks me about the goal scored during the derby. Honestly, I do n't particularly feel it because I haven't even noticed .

I thought the game had stopped, I thought the ball had gone out or that the referee had blown a foul. Instead luckily I was awarded the goal .

The best young man is Zaniolo. Drives me crazy. He has practically everything: physical, shooting, he is an animal … Then there is Tonali, he is also very good. They play with me in the national team.

Speaking of the national team, I don't feel sure of the place but I will do everything to be called up to 2021 euros.

Playing abroad? At the time of Sassuolo, both Zenit and Leicester wanted me but I wanted to stay in Reggio Emilia as a sign of gratitude to the club ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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