Lauryn Goodman is pregnant, the mystery has been revealed: the father is the footballer Kyle Walker

Lauryn Goodman è incinta, svelato il mistero: il papà è il calciatore Kyle Walker

Lauryn Goodman is pregnant,
dad is the footballer Kyle Walker (photo from Instagram)

MANCHESTER (ENGLAND) – Lauryn Goodman has revealed that Manchester City defender Kyle Walker is the father of her baby. The model will give birth in three months. The 29-year-old announced her pregnancy last month while on vacation in Barbados, describing her as a "miracle". At the time, her father's identity was unknown because Goodman was officially single again.

Lauryn Goodman is pregnant, dad is Kyle Walker. He unveiled it during an interview with The Sun.

Following huge speculation, Goodman decided to reveal her father's identity in an interview with The Sun. The model's statements are reported by

“I want to make it clear because they are flooding me with messages asking me for their father's name. All of these messages are harassing and causing me stress in the third trimester of my pregnancy.

Rumors and gossip are starting to circulate and I would prefer people to refer only to my statements, so I want to stop all speculation once and for all.

Kyle Walker and I are expecting a baby, we conceived it in April during a time when we had both separated from our previous partners. This will be the last time I will comment on the news about my pregnancy and will only share the positive outcome in the future. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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